Quarterly Reports


Above is a statistical summary of the actions taken by the Board of the OCE in the second quarter of 2014.

1 The OCE considered and voted to refer to the Committee on Ethics one matter in the second quarter, which was finalized and transmitted in the third quarter. This case will be accounted for in the third quarter report.

2Q_2014_Activity Since Inception.jpg

Above is a statistical summary of the actions taken by the Board of the OCE since it began conducting investigations in February 2009.

2 Subjects of five second-phase reviews resigned before the OCE completed its investigations.  Therefore, the Board took no further actions.


Above is a graphical explanation of the preliminary reviews the OCE has conducted since it began conducting investigations.


Above is a chart depicting the matters that the OCE has referred to the Committee on Ethics pending release.

2014 Second Quarter Report (PDF 75KB)

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