The OCE's investigations have two stages: (1) a preliminary review, which is completed in 30 days; and, (2) a second-phase review which is completed in 45 days, with the possibility of a 14 day extension. The Board must authorize each preliminary and second-phase review. At the end of any second phase review, the Board must recommend to the Ethics Committee either that the matter requires the Committee's further review or that it should dismiss the matter. When it makes its recommendation, the OCE Board may also transmit to the Ethics Committee a report that includes, among other things, findings of fact and citations to laws, rules or regulations that may have been violated.

H. Res. 5 of the 112th Congress (PDF 138KB)

H. Res. 5 of the 111th Congress (PDF 78.3KB)

H.Res.895: Establishing within the House of Representatives an Office of Congressional Ethics (PDF 51KB)

Congressional Research Service Summary of H. Res. 895

Report of the Democratic Members of the Special Task Force on Ethics Enforcement (PDF 903KB)

Congressional Research Service History, Authority, and Procedures (PDF 450KB)

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